Our Communication

A large part of our success in the high-end residential market for over 20 years is the fact that we recognized early on the importance of communication. Clients need to be continuously updated regarding the status of the appraisals, therefore we have adapted numerous procedures and tools to make sure that happens.

We utilize an online platform that monitors timelines and allows appraisers to provide immediate status updates. We adapt to and create systems for the various platforms that our clients utilize to facilitate the appraisal process. Our designated administrative staff constantly monitors the workflow status of every appraisal file to make sure it is on track.

Apart from deadlines, rate locks and contingencies that are a part of every mortgage transaction, we understand that there are multiple parties (borrowers, loan consultants, financial advisors, private bankers, real estate broker’s business managers, attorneys) who look to our clients for ongoing status of the loan process, including the appraisal.

There are often questions from the appraiser that need to be answered by the client in order for the appraisal to move forward. Our designated administrative staff facilitates timely communication and continuous follow through to get those questions answered.

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